Hasan J. Ashkanani is an assistant professor of anthropological archaeology and a curator of Anthropology and Archaeology Museum and Laboratory in the department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology at Kuwait University. His research interests involve the nature of socio-political entities, social complexity, trade and exchange between 7000 – 4000 years ago, and social archaeology. Hasan was appointed by the Amiri Dewan, as the first general director of Abdullah al-Salem Cultural Center (2017-2018), to manage seven museums, support the implementation of the pre-opening, the opening and post opening strategic plans. His research involve: 1- the archaeometric applications (chemical and physical analyses) to archaeological materials, in particular the ancient technology of pottery from Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, and Indus Valley and: 2- the history of archaeological excavations and museums in the Near East through the archival materials perspective.

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