The Seven CEFREPA Countries



About the CEFREPA
French Research Centre of the Arabian Peninsula.
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The French Center for Yemeni Studies (CFEY) was founded in 1982 in Sana’a thanks to Christian Robin’s and Rémy Audouin’s initiative. It aimed to host archaeological missions and social scientists, all working on the former Yemen Arab Republic.
It became in 2001 the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences in Sana’a (CEFAS), with a broader research area. The center occasionally hosted students and researchers working in neighboring countries. In 2002, the agreements between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) strengthened its scientific basis by allowing the appointment of CNRS-researchers (USR 3141).
The French Research Centre of the Arabian Peninsula (CEFREPA) is a regional research center whose main objective is to promote studies on the Arabian Peninsula as a whole. CEFREPA is part of the “French foreign research institutes” network (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs & French National Center for Scientific Research – CNRS), with 27 institutions located in more than 30 countries.
It has two branches, one in Sana’a (Yemen), the other one in Kuwait City.
Makram Abbes