CEFREPA opens new antenna in Saudi Arabia, AlUla

The French Research Center of the Arabian Peninsula (CEFREPA) is pleased to announce the opening of a new antenna in Saudi Arabia (AlUla) represented by Dr. Hervé Monchot is an archaeozoologist associated to the CEFREPA and attached to the Orient & Méditerranée Resaerch Centre including the CNRS, Sorbonne Université, l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, l’École Pratique des Hautes Études and le Collège de France. His research project, entitled “Zooarchaeology at the service of modeling meat diets in the Middle East during the Antiquity and middle Ages. Socio-cultural and environmental implications” aims to study the meat-eating behavior of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula and to follow their evolution through the study of faunal remains from several archaeological sites (Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) from the Bronze Age till today.

Currently, Dr. Monchot collaborates with various missions in the Arabian Peninsula, notably in Saudi Arabia with the teams working in Farasan (Gizan), Al Bad, Thaj, Dadan and Al-Ula.