Mehdi Berriah is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He also teaches Arabic at Sciences Po Paris University and is an editor for SHARIAsource at the Program in Islamic Law of the Harvard Law School. He is currently leading a research project entitled « Medieval Jihad: Texts, Contexts and Pratices (7th-15th century) » funded by the French Central Office of Worship (Bureau central des cultes). His research and publications focus on Islamic thought, Ibn Taymiyya, ideology and laws of jihad, ulamaology, Islamic political and military history. He edited the collective volume Professional Mobility in Islamic Societies (700-1750): New Concepts and Approaches (published by Brill in 2021) and a collection of studies on the art of war of the Mamluks (published by Heritage in 2022), Les Mamelouks : les cavaliers de l’Islam.

Collective volumes

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