Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology – Kuwait University. Director of Graduate Studies – History Department – Kuwait University. Member of Editorial Board – Arab Journal for the Humanities – Kuwait University Associate. Researcher in Centre français de l’Archéologie et des sciences sociales (CFAS) in Kuwait.

Head of the Supreme Advisory Committee for Academic Promotions – College of Arts – Kuwait University. Professor of Egyptology – Asyut University – Egypt. Scientific member of the UMR 8152 (“State, religion and society in Ancient Egypt and Nubia”), Paris-Sorbonne – France

Latest publications :


2022  with Ahmed Mansour, Ramadan El-Sayed de la Sorbonne à l’Université de Minia, Abgadiat (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) 16, 2022

2019  History of Ancient Minor Asia, in Arabic, Aafaq, Kuwait.

2018  History of Pharaonic State, in Arabic, Aafaq, Kuwait.


Forthcoming  Nouvelles perspectives sur les expéditions au pays de Pount, Chronique d’Egypte – Brussels.

2022  L’expédition d’Hatchepsout au pays de Pount, Abgadiat (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) 16, 2022, p. 52-65.

2021  Egyptian Scarabs Discovered on Kuwait’s Failaka Island and Similar Finds from the Gulf Region, Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 32/1 (2021), p. 41-59, with participation with Sultan Al-Dweish and Ahmed Saied.

2018  Egyptian Expeditions to the Land of Punt during Pharaonic Periods, New Visions, Arab Journal for Humanties 144, p. 191-236.