Archaeologist and ceramist, Julie Marchand is a FED-tWIN researcher at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, CReA Patrimoine) and the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels. As part of her post-doctoral research, she is responsible for the study and promotion of the Royal Museums’ Fustat pottery collection (Egypt). In the Arabian Peninsula, she has studied several assemblages of early Islamic pottery and is also working on ceramics from Qalat el-Bahrain.    //

Recent articles:

J. Marchand, “Early Islamic soft-stone vessels: Production and distribution on both sides of the Red Sea”, in C. Durand, J. Marchand, B. Redon and P. Schneider (eds.), Networked spaces: The spatiality of networks in the Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean, Archéologie(s) 8, Lyon, 2022, pp. 385-400. DOI:

J. Marchand, s.v. « Stone vessel», in J. Schiettecatte, Chr.J. Robin and J. Norris (eds.), Thematic Dictionary of Ancient Arabia, to be published